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Contract Operations

MCO tailors services and contracts to meet the wants and needs of clients, ranging from full service operations, management only, and operational assistance.

Wastewater Services

MCO provides wastewater flow monitoring, testing and troubleshooting, GIS mapping, and also develops programs for operator training, pretreatment, and preventive maintenance.

Water Services

MCO continually invests in updated equipment, maintenance of equipment and personnel training, to reliably offer Water Services to municipalities and private businesses.

Public Works Services

Since 1987, Midwest Contract Operations has been providing expertise and experience to municipalities with all aspects of public works operations.

Technical Services

From troubleshooting a single problem to the installation of an entirely new system, one of our strengths is maintaining an open line of communication with a client’s staff and engineers.
A Reliable Partnership Centered On Trust
Midwest Contract Operations was formed in 1987 to provide the necessary “hands on” technical support required today to meet the economic and technological challenges facing municipalities, utilities and industries. We have the ability to complement a client’s staff and engineers by bringing years of experience from a number of varying facilities.

MCO prides itself on the continued growth and education of our personnel. This allows us to offer ever expanding services with greater flexibility in operations to our clients. By maintaining a professional, reliable team, we strive to earn your trust.

MCO serves clients throughout the Midwest, with office locations in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

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“Within three days of MCO being on site, we began to see marked improvements. Within a matter of weeks, we had solved our primary problem. We were able to draw upon MCO’s ‘depth’ of personnel, experience and equipment. We are pleased that since contracting with MCO, we have not had any violations within the past year, which appears to never have happened before.”

Don G.

“MCO services provided a necessary stop-gap due to State requirements, but also provided a great improvement in the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our water/wastewater treatment departments. We have most certainly done a complete 180 from where we were just a couple of years ago before MCO was hired.”

Joshua S.

“I can highly recommend Midwest Contract Operations, Inc. as a management team. From our experience with them for the past 20 years, I can speak well for their reliable service in areas of management, public relations, and operations of a public-owned utility. We have experienced consistent management since they have been working for us.”

William Z.

“We are very pleased with the service we have received. Present and past council members and utility commissioners have commented that they are happy with the service and advice that they receive from MCO. They are cooperative people to work with.”

Lori G.