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0.4 MGD Wastewater Facility and 1.2 MGD Water System – Wisconsin

Wastewater Treatment & Water Systems Operation


Client requires 1½ people to operate the water & wastewater facilities. The half-time person left and the Client was unable to find someone with the proper training and certification to fill the position. The Client researched several companies to take over operations with the stipulation that the full-time operator be offered a job with the new company. MCO’s proposal was deemed best suited for the Client.


MCO assisted the Client in changing to radio-read meters, setting up a sewer system televising program, GPS locating of the water and sewer systems, and implementing a comprehensive cross-connection program. MCO also developed and implemented a computerized preventative maintenance program for the water and wastewater treatment systems. Water system valve exercising was updated by using MCO’s computerized valve exercising equipment.