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0.1 MGD Wastewater Facility and 0.288 MGD Water System – Wisconsin

Wastewater Treatment & Water Systems Operations


The Client’s wastewater treatment facility was experiencing violations of its WPDES discharge permit. Accelerated enforcement by the Department of Natural Resources resulted in the Client’s desire to have MCO serve as its certified operator.


MCO provides the Client with full operation and maintenance services as well as laboratory testing on a part-time basis.


MCO’s microbiological experts identified seasonal toxicity as a major cause of the effluent violations. Coordinated sampling and testing with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the State Lab of Hygiene has resulted in the elimination of the source of toxicity.

MCO further coordinated the control of grease discharges with local industry and further improved treatment plant performance.

MCO has also implemented a capital improvement program that has improved system reliability without the need for budget increases.