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0.350 MGD Wastewater Facility – Indiana

Wastewater Treatment & Collection System

The client owns a 0.350 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant with 10 lift stations. In October of 2005, Midwest Contract Operations, Inc. (MCO) was hired to operate the client’s Wastewater Treatment and Collection System.

Project Specifics:

Since taking over operations of the Wastewater Treatment System, MCO has implemented the following improvements:
  • Reduction of sludge hauling costs.
  • Worked closely with the District Engineer to compile a Capital Projects Program.
  • Development of an Operations and Maintenance Program.
  • Installation of Fine Bubble Aeration System in all the aeration tanks.
  • Provide routine operations updates and summaries to keep the Board informed of the operation progress.
  • Worked with District Engineer to determine deficiencies with lift stations. Many improvements have been made to help the reliability of the system.