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Town that serves a Population of 2000 – Indiana

Contract Operations, Wastewater, Water, Storm Water and Street Department

Midwest Contract Operations, Inc. (MCO) began operating the client’s Wastewater Treatment Facility in March of 1992.  In June of 1992, MCO entered into a long term agreement with the client to operate the Wastewater Treatment Facility, Collection System and Municipal Water System, with the addition of the Street Department in 1993.  MCO hired two town employees to operate the utilities.

Prior to hiring MCO, the client was facing many difficult decisions and was in desperate need to assure that the utilities were operating as efficiently as possible.  The Wastewater Facility was not able to treat flow entering the facility during wet weather periods, causing raw sewage to be bypassed to the receiving stream.

A sewer ban was being considered to prevent any additional flows to the system. Sludge disposal was a serious problem. Lack of sludge storage and lack of access to the application site added to operational problems.  Equipment failure and inadequate maintenance to equipment was requiring excessive operating funds.

MCO implemented the following programs for the Wastewater Facility and Collection System:

  • Complete evaluation of the treatment process to optimize treatment at the facility. This resulted in no facility-related bypasses of raw sewage at the facility since MCO’s operation, and improved quality of the water discharged to the receiving stream.
  • Long term and short term preventive maintenance for all equipment.  This has reduced the town’s repair costs and protects the town’s investment.
  • A workable sludge handling program so sludge may be more easily disposed of in accordance with Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) regulations. Currently, reed beds are used.
  • Testing procedures have been standardized.
  • A smoke testing program of the entire collection system was conducted, thus identifying sources of clear water inflow into the system.
  • Sanitary sewer inspection program that continually and proactively monitors for sewer deterioration and I/I sources.
  • Implementation of an inspection system to assure that all sewer is installed according to the town specifications.
  • Implementation of a Pre-Treatment Program.

The following programs for the municipal water system were implemented:

  • Develop a water main valve mapping system.
  • Establish a water valve exercising program that designates 1/3 of the valves as being exercised yearly.
  • Establish a hydrant flow and pressure testing program.

MCO also provides the following services for the Client:

    • All snow plowing
    • Sign inventory and maintenance program
    • Sanitary and storm sewer cleaning with Vactor
    • Implementation of storm sewer management program

MCO has established a positive professional working relationship with the Client. Only through this type of trust can the best possible service be provided to the citizens of the Town.