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Sample Mailing Instructions

Typically, evaluations are completed in one to three business days. Please contact us prior to shipping samples if special circumstances exist or an expedited schedule is required.

Note: Polysaccharaide tests are ran one time per week so turnaround times may be longer.

  • For activated sludge and most other systems, a 50 mL MLSS sample is needed. This should be collected from the end of the aeration process (generally the end of the aeration basin or feed to clarifier(s)) placed in a plastic, screw-capped bottle filled no more than ½ full (for air) with the lid taped.
  • Overnight delivery is preferred.
  • Please include an email address for the report to be sent to and billing information (name, phone number, and address of facility, email/person (s) to send invoice to)

If any foam is present on the aeration basin or final clarifier, this can be collected in a separate container (50 mLs is plenty) and analyzed at no additional charge.

If the system has multiple basins/trains each should be analyzed individually (do not mix into one sample). For lagoon systems, the effluent end of each cell is analyzed. Algae identification and counting is included in analysis. Lagoon samples should be collected in a well-mixed area (sample ports between each lagoon are ideal). 1000 mL is needed for each sample container because settling of sample is needed prior to evaluation.

Sample Mailing Address

All samples should be sent to:

Attention: Microscopic Evaluation
101 Garfield Avenue
Menasha WI, 54952

Please do not send coolers – we do not return them due to high volume of samples that come in.

Chain of Custody/Request for Services Form

Clients are encouraged to download this form and enclose with sample for description of desired services/tests etc.

Send A Message
Call Us: (920) 751-4299


Activated Sludge Analysis: $300

Includes complimentary foam analysis. Call or email with descriptions for pricing if including samples from other areas of the plant

Activated Sludge Urgent Weekend Delivery: $450

Call or email for availability and alternate shipping address

Lagoon Microbiology Analysis: $350

Include each cell of lagoon

Polysaccharide Analysis: $250

For nutrient deficiency. Note: Turnaround time may be up to 7 business days

Nitrification Study: $300

Involves feeding suspected toxic influent to healthy RAS at bench scale – Call for details

Toxicity Test: $650

Includes bench scale testing for  COD removal %, ammonia removal, microscopic evaluation summaries – Call for details

On-Site Training: Call for details/pricing

On-Site Consultation: Call for details/pricing

We accept credit card payments (3-4% processing fee applies).
If paying with credit card and referencing a purchase order number please note the processing fee will add a little on the total cost


We welcome phone calls to discuss findings of reports and operational decisions.

MCO office: (920) 751-4299 or [email protected]

Ryan Hennessy: (920) 573-2820 or [email protected]